I'm Emily. You've landed here for a reason, and I'm so glad that you did. 

Allow me to introduce myself... 

  • Plant-based lifestyle

  • Dogs > cats

  • Book lover

  • Essential oils & coconut oil for everything

  • Smiling is my favourite 

  • Yoga, yoga, yoga 

  • Hugs > kisses

Now that's enough about me!   Let's get to the good stuff.



let me paint a picture here...

You're busy. You have a job where you spend your days, you have a partner at home, maybe a couple of kids, and more often than not, you run out of time for yourself. 

Let's take that time BACK.

You deserve time, every week, to take care of numero uno.

You know that saying about 'not pouring from an empty cup'?

How long has your cup been empty?

I say it's been WAY TOO LONG.

good news- you're in the right place.

Your personalized private yoga program can take place in your own home, or at my studio located in Smiths Falls, ON. 

Your sessions will be tailored specifically to your needs and draw influence from any of the following styles of yoga: vinyasa, restorative (hot stone work optional), yin, and chair yoga.


Contact me today to schedule your complimentary intro session.