• Emily Dickson

Happy New Year!

Do you make it a practice to set resolutions at the beginning of a new year? Perhaps you've been using the past few days to think about what you'd like to change or improve upon this year.

Resolutions have never worked for me, and I think I've finally realized why! It only took 26 years... Resolutions seem to stem from a negative mindset, or fixing a bad habit. For example:

Lose weight.

* No more cookies, chips, or late night snacks. Sigh.

Exercise more.

* You're lazy and fat, get up and move.

Eat healthier.

* Only kale chips and raw broccoli for you, pal.

We really know how to suck the fun out of life, don't we?

While these are all valid resolutions (and hey, if this is what works for you, stick with it!), they almost always stem from a place of not being good enough just as you are. They seem to imply that you will only be happy once you achieve them, and if you don't achieve them, you are obviously a failure.

No thank you. Not this year. I have sh*t to do.

I find I need something with a little more positive juju behind it or else it all goes away when things get difficult. They always do!

There has to be a better way...

Have you ever heard of the Sanskrit word, Sankalpa?

San = connection with the highest truth

Kalpa = the rule to be followed above all other rules

A sankalpa, or intention, is one that is formed with will and determination. It has heart. It helps you to realize your most heartfelt desires, without asking you to change the person you are. So eat the cookies, enjoy a late night snack, but with your Sankalpa in your back pocket, you might find that you don't need these emotional crutches as much as you used to.

The practice of creating your sankalpa begins with the radical idea that you already have all that you need to lead your most fulfilling life. While your sankalpa may be less specific than your typical resolution, it is simply meant to remind you of your next best step, helping to guide your choices.

So how do you go about creating your intention?

Listen. This is not something that you have to create, make up, or search for. Simply listen to what comes up for you.

Let's go back to an example from before...

Goal: Lose weight.

While this might seem like a shallow goal, there are always deeper feelings underneath.

What might it feel like for you when you lose the weight?

Freedom, peace of mind, self-love, physical health and well-being, or maybe the feeling of being accepted?

Ask yourself, "What is the longing in my heart that is hidden underneath this goal?"

Your sankalpa might become:

"I love myself."

"I love my body."

"I am love."

"May I be happy and open to what life brings me."

Once you have your sankalpa, the key is to remember it. Post it on your bathroom mirror, make it your phone and desktop background screen, keep it written somewhere in your car, in your wallet, at your desk at work.

Hopefully this has given you an idea of what you can do differently if you have found that resolutions don't always work for you.

Happy New Year!

May 2020 bring you much love and peace <3

Love & light,


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