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Word of The Year

At a doTERRA Elite Retreat in early 2018, I learned about creating a word or intention for the year ahead. Something that you might do at the new year, or at any point throughout. I started thinking about what my word for 2018 might be. What did I want to attract into my life? It didn't take long to decide because in February, I was handed this word on a silver platter - or rather, a black and white platter.


In February, I was getting professional branding photos taken for myself and my business. That feeling of being in front of a camera put me on edge and made me feel uncomfortable, but I had to get it done, so I did. And you know what? It ended up being a lot of fun. Mostly because the photographer, Elenora Luberto, is an absolute gem. By the end of the session, she asked me, "Do you trust me?", and as I said a reluctant yes, I could feel my comfort zone desperately trying to lure me back in.

So then she asked me if I would feel comfortable taking my clothes off for a few pictures. Would I feel comfortable? Most definitely not. Did I take my clothes off anyways? Heck yes. And it was magic.

Photo taken by Elenora Luberto of Jemman Photography

That's the thing that I've learned about comfort zones- we're not supposed to live there. There's no magic in your comfort zone. We need to step outside every once in a while to feel vulnerable.

Once I showed a few people the photos, some were supportive, some asked why I would ever do something like that, and some were even angry about it. But I'm so damn proud of myself when I look at these photos. A couple years ago, you never would have seen me do anything like this. And that just shows how much I have grown. When I look at this picture, I see strength, confidence, beauty, grace, and you guessed it, vulnerability.

So, my ending thoughts, and intention for 2018...

Be vulnerable. Embrace vulnerability at all opportunities.

Be vulnerable as if your life depends on it. Because it does.

Is there an area of your life you could embrace a little more #vulnerability?

love and light,


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